Thursday, 8 September 2011

Clearing House

Some see no-self and think; "That's it".  They think it gives them a license to spin off into extreme reactive behaviour without ever having to check their shit.

Just because the movement of ego is seen for what it is, doesn't mean that there's a permit to let it run rampant.  It ran rampant before awakening, because the reality of what it is, wasn't seen.

There seems to be this idea that if there is liberation, then that's it - game over.  It ain't.  It's only just begun.  This is where the work really starts.  Or it needs to, if there's going to be any benefit from liberation.

Just because you're awake, doesn't mean there's no room for improvement!

In fact, being awake is the first step to really understanding exactly what is going on - WHILST it's going on.  The insight of no-self gives you the ability to clearly see the personality in action - how it works, why it does; what pushes the buttons, what are the triggers that fire out reactions.

You can say "ah, well, it's all just the flow of life."  It may well be, but allowing that flow to piss over other people, or to gush up in a selfish shower of unchecked egotism is a waste of  the faculty to look directly and openly.

You may not care what effect your behaviour and actions have on other people; and yeah, it's not like you can help that.  But to get real here - if you're the type of person who cares about truth, then you've got the ideal tool to examine false ideas and beliefs;  and the behaviour that occurs in reaction to delusion.

Liberation gives the person an amazing opportunity to get really clear.  To see the obvious movement of ego.  It's fascinating to watch in others, but it's even more revealing and liberating to turn that spotlight on yourself and watch the activity, patterns and functioning of personality.

Certainly, there's no obligation to do it.  But why waste an amazing opportunity?  Why squander the insight and ability to be able to really examine and inspect the wonderful, fascinating and unique movement that you are? And why not use that insight to recognise limiting and destructive behaviour?

That kind of application of clear sight is about growing up.  Not being deadly serious grown-up - but taking responsibility - literally, having the ability to respond to the reality of what is actually going on.

Being clear-eyed and honest. And having the courage to do it.  Because it's very enticing to shut off awareness of our peccadilloes, deficiencies and downright shittiness to others.  But before that's possible, you have to be able to look at what is happening, while it's happening.  There's no point in reviewing past behaviour - it's over.  Done.  This get's done in real time.  Now.

And to be able to do that needs detachment.  Everyone gets caught up in intense emotions and situations - humans love drama.  They love to experience the heightened sense of stimulation it brings - that's why there's TV, and newspapers and magazines and gossip, sensationalism and consumerism.  it's about the obsessive need for experience.  But if there's enough honesty, courage and determination to watch the drama and be real about your part in it - how your interaction and reaction contributes, then that knowledge reveals the ridiculous farce in all it's craziness. 

Doesn't mean you can't still get caught up in it, and enjoy it - but if you don't want to be sucked into the destructive and limiting behaviour that seems to be produced by a tornado of neurotic and unconscious theatrics, then you're going to need to use clarity like never before - as a means to own up to your part in the process.

I'm not suggesting you do this for amusement only and to get the benefit for yourself alone.  But because until you can see your own shit, you can't help anyone else see theirs.  Clean out your own privy before accusing someone else of having shit stuck to theirs.

See the shit, own the shit and then clean it out.


  1. Enlightenment, or whatever we're calling it today, seems to often make such behaviour as you describe moot. Not that's there any such thing!

  2. "ah, well, it's all just the flow of life."

    I have been using this as my rock solid excuse to avoid cleaning up my shit ever since I found out about no self. Or I get really smart, and say: well it's not "my" shit.

    But then I cry over the fact that there is shit lying fucking everywhere.

    I keep using no-self concepts as escape tools. These concepts short-circuit any thought loops instantly, and put focus on something entirely different. Which is addictively nice, especially if I was having thoughts about "shit"

    I can spot others "shit" so fucking easy that I can't avoid it. But I'm completely blind to my own shit. Which is probably why I don't have the guts to point out the shit of others.

    How to stop being a dick?

  3. @ wannabecontroller: Go here >>>

  4. I'm also going to request entry to that group. The break up that I seemed to have gone through has made it very apparent that there is shit to clean up and that there is stuff in my attic that needs to be burned away.

    I find it so funny to see that everything that perpetuates the self doesn't come from something in the middle creating it but from nothing. I guess that nothing is something though.

  5. Yes agree that shit is not good.. and the opposites are so much better? For who, a solution 'later' meeing is back. The time it takes to question and proces answers on Internet groups. To strengthen the illusion of poor me that suffers after being liberated and is part of a liberation group. We want a part as in a solution and fall for the invitation of seperated me. As long if there is an owner it is suffering for poor liberated me. The hustle to reject shit and wanting to solve it. What is the rejecting otherwise then what I already am now simple here beautifull me, is there a need to fix flaws? If momentum is there I solve it instead by thinking about an solution. I trust creativity and power and act as if it is true but I don't know how.