Saturday, 7 January 2012


It's just life pointing out to life that it's just life.

It seems to be a complicated, convuluted, myriad, fantastically intricate woven world.  But it's just always simply this.

And the good news is that you never have to deal with more than this.  "This" may seem to be comprised of something very difficult, and complicated - but it is actually only ever this thought. And that's all that has to be dealt with.  Just this.  How complicated can that be?

Isn't that so very simple and amazing?  All you have to deal with is THIS.  End of.

And the bad news?

There isn't any.  Because however bad it seems to be, or is thought to be, that's all that has to be dealt with.


This isn't a concept or an idea or a theory.

It's reality.





Whatever it is - it includes the ideas about it.

So "This" also includes the labelling and the concepts about what it is.

It's always complete.

It never has anything missing.

It's very obvious.

It can't get any more obvious.

There isn't anything more obvious.

The only obvious thing is THIS.

And for no other good reason than that it seems to be on the I.J (internal jukebox) - THIS is the current musical offering from a rollercoaster ride of a film:


  1. Its the simplicity that stumps us Viv, and we need to be reminded of that now and then. Ta xx

  2. Yes, simply and majestically the revamped look,cool. Just wondering when you would post again and voila! See you on FB, please don't reject my request for friendship, I can't take any more rejections ;)lol...

  3. Thoughtful and well considered - but hard in reality!! What is teh film by the way (and I don't get the link with "this")

  4. The film is Moulin Rouge, Fiona. And it has no relation to this post.. other than while it's being watched.. it's this!

  5. Hey Mags - Thanks for reading. It is actually that simple. Amazingly. And thank fuck!

  6. Suki - dots joined up. ;-)

  7. "...but it is actually only ever this thought." Perfect pointer. What more can be said?

  8. Love the post. Love the new look of the site.

  9. Aye, aye Cap'n.

    Glad you like the post and the new look site.

    Many thanks for reading and commenting.