Monday, 2 May 2011

Magic Moments

Those moments don't happen that often do they?

The magic ones. The sublime, easy, free-flowing experiences.

Hippies call it 'being in the flow'.

Athletes call it 'being in the zone.'

Drummers call it 'being conscious'.

And the only thing that's missing from that experience, and others that don't feel quite so magical, is the notion that there's anything or anyone controlling it.

Like today - work done; driving in the sunshine on a bank holiday Monday; roof down on the scruffy little Roadster that I have, cruising in the backslip of a removals van down pot-holed country lanes, the wind whipping up hair, and the dust, and the blossom from late Spring trees.  Jason Mraz  singing about the beautiful moon on the blown stereo speakers.

And you're gone.  All there is, is the driving and the wind and the sunshine.  The dust and the lorry. The music and the blossom.  Sublime.

It's feels like the hands have been taken off the steering wheel of living.

And it's all just driving itself.  Which it is.  It actually always is; it doesn't just always feel like it.

I don't think it's put any better than the timeless Keith Richards: "It's great to be here.  It's great to be anywhere.".

And to finish off, here's a very unflowing interview with Monsieur Richards.  Despite its clunkiness, there are some vintage Richards moment.

Ai thank u.

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