Thursday, 9 June 2011

Leave of Absence

First off,  an excerpt from:

"when he (Tolle) talks about stillness and presence
he gives the impression that they are things
when in fact
they are the absence of things"

So, here's the deal. It's real that there's no you, it's real that there's no anything. 

What is existence?  What is THIS?  

What is experience?  It's what's apparent; what appears.

Appearance is absence....erm ...becoming ... apparent.

But absence does not appear..... obviously.

All appearances (life, whatever) are a level playing field. It looks like there are apparent highs and lows and differentiation, variation, opposites...but they balance out.They come from absence and they dis-appear to absence.

So, what there only is, is absence.  Anything that comes and goes can't exist other than as a temporary appearance, so it can't be absolutely real.  The only thing that doesn't appear... isn't apparent...... is absence. 

All that is absolutely real is the absence of things. Any thing.

You can't deny the appearance of things whilst they appear.  But because appearance is temporary (even if the appearance seems to be long-term i.e.. a mountain;  it's changing constantly and can't even be said to 'be' a  mountain), then there is nothing lasting.

Literally, all that lasts is nothing.

Total absence of any thing: The only constant.

This sounds mystical and inscrutable, but it isn't, it's totally pragmatic and obvious..If you sit wherever you are and watch what's going on, then nothing stays static; nothing ever stays permanent.
Because there is no thing that is static, fixed, and ultimately observable in any way, there is only the abscence.
Because absence doesn't come and go, it's absolute reality.

The only permanance is the absence of any thing.  And absence isn't a thing.  It's not even nothing.

It's all there is.  And all that isn't.


  1. Nonduality, meet quantum mechanics... quantum mechanics... nonduality. Yay, and finally the bridge between religion and science! (JK)

    But... OK, sorry to work this out on your blog here, but... Since the mountain is in existence IN the absence of the mountain, isn't the mountain also the absence of the mountain at the same time?

    My old thoughts of God were always that, since everything exists because of God, then everything has to exist IN God, therefore everything IS God. Blam! The end.

    That was before I went on this silly little search. So substitute "God" with "the void", or "nothing", and I'm in like Flint, huh?


  2. Ha, ha, Mike - amounts to the same no-thing in the end doesn't it?

    Oh, would you listen to me!?

    Sound like one of those 'Long-haired, flowy-robed people' you hilariously referred to in your blog!

    But yeah, I see what you're saying. Just labels.

    And you work away, Mike. Mi blog es su blog... or something.... OHM.... ;-)

  3. there is only the spontaneous manifestation of life
    yet nothing is random and all that emerges does so precisely and perfectly
    this is only known in direct experience. it is felt.
    the hum of the machine, working endlessly, blindly and perfectly.

    -steven norquist

  4. AT LAST I can post a comment on your blog! Couldn't for ages.

    Nice stuff, Viv. Same stuff differently put. Concepts to apparently chew on. Can't deny that awareness is...or is not!

  5. Nice quote, FF. Ta for that.

  6. Hi No-one!

    Nice to see your comment! Yeah, I had to twiddle with some doobree on the oojamaflip. Whatever, it seems to have done the trick!

    It's all the same stuff (or nonstuff) differently put - no difference!