Saturday, 18 June 2011

Kind Hearts and Humility

What's needed is a kind heart and humility. The kind of humility that comes from realising that what you thought you are is a lie.

It takes humility to even be willing to consider that, and then to entertain it as a possibility, and finally to see the truth of it.

There is no truth without humility. And there is no urge to take the truth and lay it out for someone else - for them to have the opportunity to be humble in the face of reality - without having a kind heart.

Crucially, kindness is the urge; kindredness - that drives you to keep at it, to keep trying to lay it out and use every method you can find to force that moment of humility that will allow someone to finally give up defending the falseness, and to humble themselves. To literally be humbled.

Kindness overcomes lazyness, apathy, tiredness, doubt. It's what gives a damn.

Kindness will be brutal, uncompromising, cold, harsh and cruel if it needs to be, because it has been humbled by the truth, and it has no option but to gift that humility in kindness.

It's what says'I've seen this, and you deserve to, as well, because we're kindred.'


  1. yes, viv! when it's clear there's nothing else to attend to better than this, no matter what it is, it's accepted without condition, held fully + completely in attention, and whatever is required is done. call it compassion, agape (unconditional) love, kindness, humility... the discomfort of denying the truth simply disallows anything other than being with what is, head-on, and calling it like it is.

  2. Nice; sometimes it's easy to forget this in the heat of a duel, but that's really what it's all about.

    Like, real, real, kindness.