Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Carry on Living

Say that everyone suddenly over the course of 24 hours stopped dead and looked to see if what they are is a story?  What would that be like? It would just be more story.  It would be life configuring into people who realise that there's nothing doing them.  Would there be less violence,  hate, war and aggression?  I don't know.  It's totally unpredictable. And it's not happening, so it's just surmising.  Life surmising what it would be like if it realised that it was only itself, when it's already only itself!

And if it happens - that's just part of the mechanism too.  Since there isn't anyone/thing there doing this;  if life configures into a movement of some people trying to wake up others up to the fact that there's no-one there, when there's already no-one there, then ... what's the point?  There is no point.  It's laughable.  A process of recognising that if there's nobody here, then it stands to reason that there's nobody there, so it's just a movement of life - life trying to get itself to see that it's only life.  What a farce - Carry on Living! ooh-er matron...


  1. Oh, noooooo! Can't believe YOU talk like this, too! Arghhhh!!!! I'm insane. INSANE, I tell ya!

    OK, enough drama. More good stuff from the Viv. Nice work. If only I could see like you see now. Wasn't that long ago that we were the same, you and I. *Sniff*

    Anyway, proud of ya. Oh, but there's no "ya" now, is there? :)

  2. HeeHee. We still are the same, Mike.

    Now ..... Where's my fucking hammer .... ;0)

  3. I want a hammer too damnit mike.

  4. Hammer? Viv, you are like Thor to me. Your hammer is the biggest of 'em all because I knew you before, you know, when you were still "you". Ha! Much weight, your hammer has. Super-believability factor, which causes you to wield it well and with much precision. I'm going on, huh?

    BOOM! There's your fuggin' hammer.

    And you want one, too, huh, ol' boy? OK... here kitty, kitty, kitty... WHACK! Now you've got one as well. :)

    Ah, I do love being me. Why in the world would I ever want to not be "me"? What in duh wirl am I'm is doon?

  5. @Mike - Watch out for the "Pod" people!Check underneath your bed tonight.The "you" may never wake up tomorrow..

    @Viv - Looks like this blog is warming up nice.
    Cheers - Suki

  6. mrow! :D

    "Ah, I do love being me. Why in the world would I ever want to not be “me”? What in duh wirl am I’m is doon?"

    That seems to be the question, why would you want to be anything other than yourself, whatever that may be. ;)

  7. Yah. You couldn't be anything but you... cept' you ain't doing it. Is it?