Sunday, 27 February 2011

We Are The Dead

Something kind of hit me today.  The pure effortlessness of life.  When the belief of there being any causative agent is seen as just an idea, itself without cause, then life becomes...very juicy.

When the notion of control and authorship is seen for the sham it is, then everything appears more real.  More vibrant.  Vivid. Sensual. It's very sexy. Very obvious.

When the belief that there is something at base that creates life, is seen AS a belief, it's incredible how that simple movement, that is spontaneous in itself, seems to reveal a totally easy fluency.  There's no backdrop of story trying to force cause and effect, rhyme and reason.

Not Creationism, Evolution, the Big Bang - they're all just theories.  And all created absolutely effortlessly.

They purport to explain the cause of life, but the wonderful irony is that those very theories are themselves causeless, spontaneous.

Something kind of hit me today.... 'WE' ARE the dead. And that leaves only life.  Smack in your face. Up close and totally non-personal!


  1. Just Life,just this...whatever 'this' this is.
    Nice blog upgrade!and that David Bowie,quite a distinguished career and longevity to boot,eh!especially in that biz.Keep these entries coming,I look forward to reading your 'stuff'.
    Cheers - Suki

  2. Thanks, Suki! I can't take credit for the new blog design. That was courtesy of Mr Ciaran Healey ( I love writing the blogs but love it even more when they're read. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. Glad you like my 'stuff'. I'll get yr blog linked in later. Haven't managed to completely transfer from the old blog. And Mr Bowie, so often he says it so well.....

  3. Hey Viv

    You've come a long way from the old 'This Is Presence' forum days (daze).

    Loving the blog and your Ruthless dispensing.


    Whatever became of that Jeff Foster chap?

  4. Hey Rob. Rob ?who? Gimme more info!

    Whatever became of Jeff Foster - ah, well, he's still banging it out! Like all of them non-dual dudes. Funny you should mention him - he recently deleted a comment I made on his post on FB. So... he gone... he long gone... heee, heee.

    Checked out your blog... nice.

  5. I remember! Musician, yeah?

  6. Yeah, I'm him.

    Well y'know, being the 68th most spiritual person in the universe is enough to turn anybody! :-))

  7. Yes, that's heady stuff.... ;)

  8. Firstly, how the devil are you,Rob?

    And secondly, how on earth did you come across my blog?

  9. I'm not bad Viv. You still in the cafe business?

    Well... I'm an occasional visitor to Mike Ayers' site. I knew of a Viv there but hadn't make the connection. Then I followed Mike through his trials at RT and then watched you do the same. There was something in your tone there that evoked the Viv of old. It's funny, because you always knew this stuff - it's as if you were just looking for a kind of full stop. Glad to see that it happened.

  10. Ha! It's a small nonduality world, ain't it? ;-)
    Yes, still in the cafe business, have one in a theatre now - sold the other one. Might not last much longer though...
    We all know this stuff, really, don't we - we just run round thinking we don't...

    Not bad? Only not bad?

  11. Well... a good or a great becomes a not bad sooner or later. :-)