Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes....

She asked me what were the changes, since seeing that what the thought 'I' refers to is nothing BUT a thought.

I said less anger, equinamity, .... happiness generally .... among other things.

Those are the main ones.  And that nasty little voice has gone. There's virtually no story after the event, any event.  It's actually just a different perspective, is all.

She said that there was a danger of just watching your life fall apart and not bothering to do anything about it.

But action and reaction still happens. Somehow it all gets done. As it always did.   With no-one doing it.  There's much less anxiousness or neuroticism.  There's no need for it. Not that it doesn't poke it's nose over the parapet at all, but when there's no story for it to be attached to, it fades out pretty quickly.

She asked if I wanted to tell others  - especiallly those that seem to be suffering.  I replied that they would say I'm talking shit and unless someone specifically asked, I wouldn't bother, not face to face.  It's so hard to talk about because society and our culture aren't structured that way.  It's totally built on being a someone who's doing something and going somewhere. Getting something for someone. Always.  Even if it's doing a good deed - it's always about doing it for me. 


Everything that's done looks as though it's done to feed the ego.  To parade our qualities and so feedback into that belief that there's something there that needs to be maintained.  And it's all about proving that there is an actual thing called 'I'. People run around performing their actions and the whole process becomes a desperate attempt to feed the lie of self. And what's interesting is that the thought that was always identified as ego still continues, except now it's obvious that it is just a movement, like a feeling surfaces, so does an egoic thought and an action to respond to that thought. (For instance writing a blog about changes!)

I was trying (like the Friends clip) to think of an act that is truly selfless.  The only thing I could come up with is an instinctual action.  When, for example, someone trips and falls in the street and the nearest person, without thinking, just reacts and reaches out to stop them from falling.

But then, of course, EVERY act is selfless, is instinctual.  Everything that is done, even if it's the process of trying to bolster self-image, is impulsive and natural.

This really is like a Magic Eye picture.... first you think you see a me and a totally selfish perspective, then you see that there's no me and everything is an act of selflessness.  It always was, actually.

And talking of Magic Eye pics, here's some eye candy:



  1. Because there is no center to get entangled in thoughts,a sense of spacious clarity and well being generally prevails.Even when there are 'emotionally' charged interactions or events,they leave none to very little mental residue so to speak. That's how it is experienced here anyway.This all pivots around to seeing the lynchpin that there is no 'entity' I refers to,only imaginary(another thought).
    Not a big fan of 'Friends',but I see your point - all experience is self-less.

    Have a good one - Suki
    ps-there is something funky happening when leaving a comment,might want to check it out!

  2. Hey, Suki. Top comments. Funky happening? Please share? Am intrigued....

  3. Hi Viv,I have tried many times to reply to your last comment.But,there seems to be a problem with the word verification.The letters appear,but there is no box to enter them in and so the comment transaction cannot be completed.I hope this helps.If you see this comment then it obviously has been corrected or running ok now.

  4. Hi Suki - that comment came through loud and clear! Sorry that you were having probs posting.