Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Best Thing in Life is Free....

There has never been ...... nor will there ever be ......nor is there now........

Anyone quite like YOU.

The character that you are, the embodiment that is living, is utterly unique.  Life is doing you like nothing else on earth, in the universe, in fact.

Doesn't that amaze you?

I mean, really... just ponder on it a while.  Even if you think that you have faults and weak characteristics... there is not anywhere another aspect of life that lives in the way that you do!

And every aspect of what you are is totally, thrillingly, alive.  Is constantly changing and buzzing and throbbing with life.

Even if depression or boredom is experienced - isn't it absolutely, profoundly alive?  It may be labelled bloody horrible, or dull and tedious, but you can't deny it's real-ness.  The profound depth to its reality.  Even as it starts to change, ceaselessly moving..... sometimes with fey subtlety and at others with dramatic sudden-ness.

Just to be able to know the character that you are and to feel how alive it is, is a wonder really ... and there's no effort needed. 

You don't need a licence, or to pay a fee, or get permission, or be granted rights, or pass a test to be completely you..... it's entirely free.

The best things in life always are......

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